1 Year Fixed7.847.187.287.33
2 Year Fixed7.346.526.626.67
3 Year Fixed ask for 4.79
4 Year Fixed6.995.875.976.02
5 year Fixed 5.395.825.925.97
Rental 5.1/5.2
5 Year
30 yr 5.10
10 Year Fixed


Okotoks TD Bank Mortgages

Okotoks Mortgage Broker


As a Okotoks mortgage broker, Whalen Mortgages Okotoks works with a variety of financial institutions. TD Bank is one of our biggest partners. This is because they offer competitive interest rates. We get a deeper discount due to the volume of business we give them, and we pass these savings on to our Okotoks mortgage customers.

TD Bank has a wide array of home equity loans. You can get approved for a home renovation loan or a cash-out mortgage refinance so you can do a debt consolidation. The main restriction is that you can’t withdraw more than eighty percent of your home’s equity. Know that this 80% value is the total of the new home equity loan plus any outstanding loans. If you only have 20% equity in your home, you aren’t eligible for a new home equity loan.

Shop around for a home equity loan. Unlike a conventional Okotoks mortgage, you can’t easily renegotiate the loan terms in a couple of years. This is where a Okotoks mortgage broker like Whalen Mortgages Okotoks can help. We can also help you find a lender who will offer you a lower interest rate for a consolidated HELOC or second mortgage with your primary mortgage. If the loan is large enough, you may even be able to waive the associated fees.

TD Bank does more than fund mortgage loans. They are a full-service financial institution. For example, you could open a bank account there. They have a reputation for rapidly approving loans as well as good customer service.

Why would you want to go with a TD Bank mortgage?

  • They allow annual lump sums of up to 15% of the original loan balance
  • You can make double mortgage payments regularly
  • They offer a rental offset sheet that lets you use your rental property’s income to pay down the mortgage faster

TD Bank posts their interest rates on their website. Contact Whalen Mortgages Okotoks to see what interest rate we can get you from TD Bank.

If you want to buy a cabin but the cabin does not have year round access or fully serviced TD Bank can get you approved for a cabin loan.


Let us see what rates we can get you from TD Bank or apply online. Your top Okotoks Mortgage Brokers at Whalen Mortgages Okotoks.