Okotoks purchase plus improvements


A Okotoks homeowner with sufficient equity in their home can tap into it to finance needed repairs or renovations via a cash-out refinance, second mortgage, or home equity line of credit. However, if you’re looking to buy a home in need of work or renovation, a Okotoks Mortgage Brokerage like Whalen Mortgages Okotoks can provide a purchase plus improvement loan as part of your purchase mortgage.

The purchase plus improvement loan allows you to buy a fixer-upper and transform it into a livable home, which can help you break into an expensive neighborhood or upgrade a starter home to better fit your family. These homes often appreciate faster than brand new homes or existing homes in good condition.

However, there are restrictions on the use of the renovation portion of the mortgage, as it can only be used for renovations that increase the home’s value. Structural repairs, such as fixing the foundation, do not qualify, but adding bedrooms or finishing the basement do. Installing a chef kitchen or luxury bathroom is also acceptable, but adding new appliances is not, unless it is a new build and the builder provides an appliance credit. To apply for the mortgage, you will need to provide a list of all required renovations, which may slow down the closing process. You can speed it up by asking the seller for a list of work required and getting quotes from qualified contractors.

Most lenders won’t let you fund renovations using your own labor, as they want to ensure the work is completed professionally. Some mortgage lenders in Okotoks may allow you to make limited cosmetic improvements, like cleaning and painting. But any renovations, such as installing a new bathroom or updating electrical wiring, must meet building codes and pass inspections. The funds for these renovations are usually released after a set time period, typically 90 to 120 days, once an appraiser has confirmed the work is completed and up to standards.

A purchase plus improvement mortgage may have a low down payment requirement, with the option to put just 5% down, based on the expected value of the renovated property. It’s best to consult with a Okotoks mortgage broker, like Whalen Mortgages Okotoks, for guidance on this type of loan, as it involves additional restrictions and risks for the lender. Whalen Mortgages Okotoks can help you find a competitive interest rate on a purchase plus renovation mortgage.

Keep in mind that a purchase plus renovation loan can also be used to buy a property that just needs minor cosmetic upgrades. You could buy a small home and add bedrooms or build your dream home with the help of this loan. On the other hand, CHMC loans usually don’t cover major renovations, only cosmetic improvements like repainting.

If you’re a homeowner with sufficient equity, you can also borrow against it to fund repairs or renovations for your current or future home. You have the option of a cash-out refinance loan, a home equity line of credit or a second mortgage. Whalen Mortgages Okotoks can assist you in getting started on these options.




Usual way of financing:  
Purchase Price $300,000.00
Less 5% down payment $15,000.00
Financing Rquired $285,000.00
Plus 4% insurance premium $11,400.00
Total Mortgage $296,400.00
Mortgage payment @ 3.5% $1,483.85/month


Purchase plus Improvements:  
Purchase Price $300,000.00
Proposed Improvements $20,000.00
Less 5%of as improved value $16,000.00
Financing required $304,000.00
Plus 4% Insurance premium $12,160.00
Total Mortgage $316,160.00
Mortgage payment @ 3.5% $1,578.50/month


In this example, you are able to personalize the home to suit your needs and improve the value of your home, without waiting until you could afford to do the changes.
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