Is Your Okotoks Mortgage Up for Renewal?


Is it time to renew your mortgage in Okotoks? Many people renew their mortgage without looking for better options, which can be a costly mistake.

A mortgage broker can help you compare options and find a better mortgage deal. Even if your credit isn’t great, you won’t be rejected, and if you don’t get a new loan, you won’t have to pay the broker. You may find a lower interest rate, lower fees, or better terms if you change lenders. You might also have the option to pay more towards your loan or cash out equity to pay off debt.

At Whalen Mortgages, we offer a no-obligation quote and can help you transfer your mortgage to a lender with better rates for free. We believe in educating our clients about the mortgage options available, and our large volume of business allows us to get the best mortgage rates in Okotoks.

Did you know that 65% of people break their mortgage early in the second year of a five-year term? If you have a balance of $500k with a big bank, the penalty could be between $18k and $25k. But with a monoline, the penalty is much lower, around $3,500.

We work with lenders who offer extra perks like appliance and air conditioning coverage for a small monthly fee, and independent life and disability coverage that stays with you even if you change lenders. Our team at Whalen Mortgages will explain all the pros and cons of each lender and make sure you are protected and fully informed. We work for you, not the banks, so call us today at 587-441-9319.


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